Some people call it concrete resurfacing. Others call it decorative concrete. It all means one thing – we make concrete beautiful. The systems we use are durable, elegant, and yet, more affordable than all other flooring options out there.

A Business Built On Transparency


The most important task we have is to recognize all possible problems and limitations that might be related to your specific project and to clearly communicate them with you. That’s the biggest reason why people choose us for their resurfacing projects. We present our customers with all possible scenarios, which may cause us to change our scope of work, and therefore, the total price. Our customers are always able to make the most educated decision about what’s the best course of action for resurfacing and decorating their floors, whether that means working with us or going in a completely different direction.


The overlay is a thin, decorative coating that gets applied over existing concrete floors. Overlays are appropriate if you’re looking to hide small cracks or imperfections in your concrete, or to simply add more character to an, otherwise, boring floor. And we offer a 5-year limited warranty.

Dark Tile Overlay 2


Concrete staining might be the single most affordable decorative flooring solution out there. The stains are, like the overlay, very durable and can be used for both interior and exterior projects. The traditional stains produce mottled, semi-transparent colors, but we also offer solid-color stains, as well.

Interior Stain


If you’re looking to sell your property, but your cracked concrete is stopping you, you’re like many who turn to us. Replacing your concrete will cost you plenty of time and money, neither of which you’re probably too eager to get rid of. We repair cracks, cut new control joints, and do everything neccessary to save the life of your concrete. It’s just the practical thing to do.

Crack Before
Crack After

Unlimited Design Options

From simple
Tinted Sealer - Solid Color Garage
To colorful
Mottled Look Overlay 2
From more conventional
Brick Border Sidewalk
To truly unique
Cosmo Tile Overlay Design
From Replicas of Other Flooring
Wood Plank Overlay
To Floors Noone Can Replicate
Stone Pattern and Texture Upclose
Light Grey Pool Deck Overlay
… You get the point
Stone Pattern Patio

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