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You don’t need to rip up your concrete and re-do it. You can simply resurface it.

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Concrete Overlay Application

What is Concrete Overlay?

Concrete overlay is what we use to resurface old, cracked concrete and make it look brand new. Thanks to overlay, you don’t have to go through the expansive, messy, and time-consuming process of demolishing your concrete and replacing it. Instead, we can make it look brand new with just two coats of concrete overlay.

It’s a cement-based coating consisting of Portland cement, fine aggregates, and acrilyc modifyer. It’s engineered to withstand both vehicle and foot traffic, and it can adhere to virtually any surface. It has the ability to expand and contract more than concrete slabs.

How We Do It


Horizontal Surfaces (Floors)

  1. Surface Preparation
  2. Primer/Moisture-Barrier Application
  3. Application of Microcement (First Coat)
    1.  Sanding the Microcement after curing
  4. Application of Microcement (Second Coat)
    1. Sanding the Microcement after curing
  5. Sealing the Microcement

Elegant solution
to a nasty problem

Replacing your concrete will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. It will ruin your landscaping, damage your house, and make a mess out of your property. Instead, we could resurface your concrete for a fraction of the cost, with minimal damage to surrounding surfaces, and with a beautiful end result.

Sprayed Overlay Beverly Hills

Your new surface for
over 10-years

With the proper preparation and diligent maintenance, overlays can last well over 10 years. The key, as in all forms of construction, is to not cut any corners. We’re confident in both our labor and our materials, and we’ll give you a 10-year warranty.

Overlay and Stain

Endless colors,
texture options

There are a variety of ways we can color overlay. We can add a pigment to it as we mix it. We can stain it, and we can even paint it. And depending on the texture you want your floor to have, we can apply it using different techniques. Just give us a call and ask to see samples.

Sprayed Steps
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