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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who Are You?

We are Petar and Vassil, childhood friends born and raised in Bulgaria. As kids, we dreamed of coming to Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, The Lakers, and countless phenomenal artists. You can learn more in About Us.

Do You Replace Concrete?

Absolutely not. We don’t tear down existing concrete, and we don’t pour new concrete.

So, what do you do?

We take boring, grey, feathered out, or even slightly cracked concrete and we make it look like anything you want. Literally anything.

What do you mean by resurfacing concrete?

The three types of concrete resurfacing are concrete overlay, concrete stain, or epoxy paint. Depending on the condition of your concrete, the look you wish to achieve, and whether your concrete is interior or exterior, we help you choose the most appropriate approach for resurfacing your concrete.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 5-year limited warranty. For your warranty to maintain validity, you must keep up with the recommended maintenance of your floor.


What is concrete overlay and how do you resurface concrete floors with it?

In a nutshell, the concrete overlay is the process of applying several thin coatings of a modified, polymer-based Portland cement. This type of Portland cement bonds incredibly well with regular concrete (which uses several other types of Portland cement). It mixes well with different pigments, which we can use to achieve any look you may wish for your concrete to have.

When to choose concrete overlay?

Concrete overlay works well both in both interior and exterior floors, although it’s most often used outdoors. If your concrete surface has cracks that aren’t caused by a structural issue, we can repair them using a combination of sand and epoxy resin + epoxy hardener. The epoxy cures in an ugly, dark brown color, so than covering it with overlay is a must.

What does concrete overlay look like?

We can make overlay look like flagstone, bricks, tiles, pavers, wood, marble, and anything else you can think of. We achieve patterns by using stencils, and when combining different colors, and even adding acid stain to top off the project, the results can be remarkable. We can also give your overlay different textures, so be sure the check out our Concrete Overlay page.

How long will it last, and how to maintain?

– If properly maintained, your overlay will last 10+ years. Maintenance includes the period cleaning (by either using a garden hose, broom, leaf blower), but most importantly – occasional resealing. We instruct you about how often to do it once we are done with resurfacing your concrete. This time frame varies based on factors like foot and vehicular traffic, whether or not your concrete is mostly in the shade or in the sunlight, and other such factors. Usually for residential driveways, we recommend resealing every one to two years. We also offer 50% off on maintenance for returning customers.

Concrete Staining

What are concrete stains?

Essentially, stains are substances which penetrate the surface of your concrete and color your concrete. They don’t bond to your concrete like paint does, for example, so they don’t chip or peel away.

When Should I Choose Stains?

Concrete stains are used both for exterior and interior concrete surfaces. Your concrete can be old or new, but it needs to be in a good condition, meaning it may have no cracks (unless they are small, and not the type that grows bigger).

An awesome advantage of acid stains, for example, is that they can give your floor a rustic, antique-ish, marble-like look for half the price of overlay or and almost 1/3rd the price of epoxy paint.

Water stains, on the other hand, are slightly more expensive (about .50$ per square foot) and are great for more consistent colors. While acid stains produce varying shades and tones of certain colors, water stains produce more full/opaque. They are still cheaper considerably cheaper than epoxy paint and concrete overlay.

Difference between acid and water-based stains?

Acid stains penetrate the surface of your concrete and react chemically with it. Therefore, they tend to produce a natural variation of shades and tones of certain colors. This creates the above mentioned rustic, marble-like effect. Some people describe this as an antique-ish look.

Water-based stains also penetrate the surface of your concrete but don’t create a chemical reaction. Therefore, the colors they reproduce are much more consistent and more full.

How long will it last, and how to maintain?

Since concrete stains penetrate the surface of your concrete, they won’t chip or peel away. So the only way something goes wrong is if the top-most level of your concrete gets worn out. This is preventable by resealing your concrete periodically (1-2 years in most cases, though it depends on foot/vehicle traffic) and cleaned occasionally. Therefore, your concrete stain may last over 10 years.