Concrete Crack Repair

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If you’re looking to sell or rent your property, but you’re afraid you’re cracked concrete will hold you back – concrete crack repair and resurfacing are likely your best option.

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars and waste months of your time on demolition, and concrete replacemenet? We repair your concrete and solve your problems for half the cost, and a quater of the time. And we’ll make your concrete look better than ever. Read on to find out more.

How We Do It

The best way to repair a crack is to fill it with a two-part epoxy, mixed with sand. The substance hardens to an unbelievable strenght and bonds very well to concrete.

To prepare a crack for the epoxy, we must first open it up to make room for the epoxy to seep in. Then, after the epoxy has cured, we proceed to make it flush with the rest of the floor.

Crack repair and joint cutting


To conceal the repairs we’ve done on your floor, we cover it with one or two coats of concrete overlay. The repaired crack may bleed through a single-colored concrete overlay, and still be visible. That’s why we recommend either our signature mottled-look design, or a stone-patterned design, to conceal crack repairs fully.

Mottled Look Overlay 2
Stone Pattern Patio


  • We use the best material – Although it takes longer to cure, and requires more effort for making it flush, the two-part epoxy mixed with sand remains the strongest and best bonding crack filler out there. Although we often sacrifice some of our profits by using this material, we’re way more concerned with doing a good job.
  • We know what’s causing the problem – Not only does that help us with the actual crack repair, but it also allows us to determine when your concrete is unrepairable, and when you shouldn’t waste your money on repairing and resurfacing.
  • We offer the best customer service – With us, you know exactly when we will begin the project, you know the exact time-frame in which it will be completed, and you know that if you have any issues, we’ll always be there to fix them.


If the problem is not in the surface of the concrete, but in the subgrade, in the reinforcement, or in the cement paste itself, repairing your concrete may just be postponing the inevitable. And although we hate being the bearers of bad news, we hate wasting people’s time and money even more. Call us at (818) 661-3551, and get a free consultation today.


We offer a 5-year limited warranty.


After we repair the cracks, and cover your concrete with concrete overlay, we finish the job by applying at least two coats of clear sealer. The sealer protects the surface from wear and tear, and most importantly, from the extensive UV radiation we get here in Southern California. A new coat of sealer must be applied every 12-24 months, based on how exposed your concrete is to the Sun.

Sealed Stamped

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