Concrete Overlay

Dark Tile Overlay 2

Concrete overlay, also known as concrete microtopping, is a thin cement-based coating, which has an oustanding ability to bond to existing concrete and withstand foot and vehicle traffic.

The overlay allows for an infinite number of designs. It can recreate the appearance of a conventional flooring systems like stone, wood, tile, or brick, but it can also be made into totally unique and custom designs. We can recreate company, or sports teams’ logos too.

The Durability of Concrete Overlay

The overlay material is a combination of fine aggregates, Portland cement, and polymer. In other words, the material itself has all of the makings of a long-lasting product. The polymer is what allows it to adhere, and the Portland cement and aggregate is what allows it to withstand foot and vehicle traffic. There are, however, things that the installer must know to allow the overlay to reach its highest potential.

Keys to a Long Lasting Concrete Overlay

pressure washing


Without the proper surface preparation, the concrete overlay wouldn’t be able to adhere to your concrete to its fullest potential. There are two things to make sure of when prepping a floor for an overlay – that the concrete is squeaky clean, and that its pores are open.

Concrete Sealing


Our overlay material is strong enough to withstand vehicle and foot traffic. After a while, however, the UV rays would cause its color to fade. That’s why, after we finish applying the overlay, we conclude the job by spraying at least two coats of the best sealer on the market.

Designs, Textures, and Patterns

Mottled Look Overlay
Tinted Sealer - Solid Color Garage

We can either squeegee, trowel, or spray the overlay material, depending on your desired look and texture. We can spray contrasting colors to highlight a particular base color, like in the picture above (left), or we can color it by using a solid-color tinted sealer like in the picture on the right. Both designs are amongst the most affordable options we offer, and both are very good for concealing crack repairs.

Stone Pattern and Texture Upclose
Wood Plank Overlay

With concrete overlay, we can also replicate other types of floors. By laying down tape in between coats, we can create a pattern of stone, tile, wood, bricks, pavers, and anything else you can think of. We can also work the material in a specific way to give it different textures – stone-like, wood-like, etc.

Brick Border Sidewalk
Concrete Logo

Our absolute favorite thing to do is the custom designs. By using tape and stencils, we can make business and sports team’s’ logos, custom geometric shapes and patterns, and more. And, in case you’re wondering, that is the Ignite logo in Dan Bilzerian’s houes. You can read more about our experience making this logo in our blog.


  • We make it last longer – We know the key to making your resurfaced concrete last, is to not cut any corners in the surface preparation and the sealing phases. That’s why we address those two phases with full attention to detail.
  • We make it look better – Not only are we way more diligent and detailed-oriented, but we’ve experimented and learned techniques no-one else quite knows. And since we, the owners, are the ones doing the work, we can guarantee no one will care about the results more than we will.
  • We treat our customers better – With us, you know exactly when the project will begin, you know the time-frame in which it will be completed, and you know that if you have any issues, we’ll always do what we can to fix them.


We offer a 5-year limited warranty.


After we’ve achieved your desired look, we finish the job by applying at least two coats of clear sealer. The sealer protects the surface from wear and tear, and most importantly, from the extensive UV radiation we’re exposed to here in Southern California. A new coat of sealer must be applied every 12-24 months, based on how much sunlight your concrete gets.

Sealed Stamped

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