Concrete Staining

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If you’re like most people, concrete floors take up the majority of your property. That’s why it’s no surprise that making your concrete beautiful changes the whole outlook of your property.

But with all this concrete that you have, how can you make it beautiful without also breaking the bank? Science has come up with just the thing – reactive, and non-reactive concrete stains.

Between solid-color and semi-transparent stains, there are thousands of colors and shades available. That variety of colors allows for stains to complement traditional, modern, and contemporary homes alike. If you’re looking to sell your house, concrete staining can be an investment. It may not increase the price of your home directly, but it will certainly make your home a lot more marketable.

Keys to Staining Concrete


Without the proper surface preparation, a concrete stain wouldn’t be able to penetrate the pores of your concrete and will be as good as regular paint – it’ll come right off. There are two things to make sure of when prepping a floor for staining – that the concrete is clean, and that its pores are open.


Stained concrete floors do very well with withstanding long years of wear and tear. What gives them a hard time, however, is the UV radiation from the Sun. That’s why, after we spray the stains on your floor, we finish the project off by apply plenty of sealer over the entire surface. And because the sealing is such an important step, it’s just as important to choose the right sealer.

Not sure what your floor would look like when stained? We’ll make a free sample for you

If you’ve ever painted your house, you know that color swatches never match the color of the real paint. That’s even more exaggerated in stains. That’s why, especially if you’re considering semi-transparent stains, we’ll make a sample directly on the surface of your concrete. That’s especially important, considering that most semi-transparent stains produce a chemical reaction with the concrete they’re being applied on, and the outcomes may vary widely.


  • We know how to make it last – We know that the key to making your stained concrete last, is to not cut any corners in the surface preparation and the sealing phases. That’s why we never rush through those two phases and don’t move on to the next until we’re 100% satisfied. And we’re not easy to please.
  • We always mask all surrounding areas and clean up after ourselves – If you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind even about the little things. We don’t cut corners on masking your surrounding areas, or on cleaning your space during and after working. If we need to cover your pool with plastic, we’ll do it. Taping your walls and windows? Always.
  • We offer the best customer service – With us, you know exactly when we will begin the project, you know the exact time-frame in which it will be completed, and you know that if you have any issues, we’ll always be there to fix them.


After we apply as many coats of stain as your desired look requires, we finish the job by applying at least two coats of clear sealer. The sealer protects the surface from wear and tear, and most importantly, from the UV radiation we get here in Southern California. A new coat of sealer must be applied every 12-24 months, based on the amount of sunlight your concrete is subjected to.


We offer a 5-year limited warranty.

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